We invest in small and medium Polish and CEE region based companies specializing in metal processing for diversified portfolio of industries.

  • Quality control is our priority.
  • Our durable and lightweight parts obtain highest ranking in safety tests and meet strict requirements for CO2 emission.
  • We innovate on technology and materials to constantly improve the parameters of our products.
  • We care for rational use of resources and cost discipline by improving production processes and shortening production time.

Luma Automation

Luma Automation is a trusted partner of the world largest OEMs present in several industry segments.

Our companies specialize in complex metal processing for both international automotive or machining clients as well as for fast growing small family businesses.
Today, the market shows growing demand for complex parts of reduced mass, increased strength and enhanced energy absorption. Luma Automation responds to this need with constant growth and by expanding its offer with new products and solutions. In cooperation with companies from Luma Ventures portfolio and the scientific community, companies of Luma Automation develop new materials and implement innovative production technologies. By investing in local businesses, we create opportunities for successful new business endeavors.


Luma Automation typically invests between EUR 5 million and EUR 30 million. Luma Automation supports the business with capital increase or by acquiring majority shareholding (also through staged investments) with investment horizon of 3 to 5 years.

We are looking for companies which would like to increase profits, develop faster and more efficiently than their competition, and who would like to create added value for the region and society. We are interested in supporting companies from Central Eastern Europe, the Baltic states and the Balkans.

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  • 1st tier expansion destinations
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