Magdalena Białas

For over 20 years, Magda has been sharing her knowledge and experience by working in the capacity of financial officer, management board member and previously also as financial analyst in engineering, industrial and medical companies.

Since 2008, she has held positions of financial officer, management board member in the following companies:  Tines Capital SA, NAFIS SA, I-KAR sp. z. o.o. and Ponar Wadowice SA where she was responsible for the supervision over financial processes and for the introduction of managerial reporting standards. She run strategic projects in terms of identification and investigation of potential acquisition targets, she also carried out transactions related to shareholding changes and seeking investors, including IPOs. 

She is a graduate of the Katowice University of Economics, specialisation of finance and banking, she also completed post-graduate studies in accounting. In 2000, the École Supérieure de Commerce a Toulouse [the Toulouse School of Economics] conferred on Magda a title of Mastere Specialise en Banque et Ingenierie Financiere. She also obtained a post-graduate diploma in Financial engineering and Banking in the Silesian International Business School.  In 2020, she was awarded the Executive MBA Diploma of the Institute of Economic Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences.